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Campus Life


There are a variety of out-of-classroom learning experiences that are awaiting your participation. These organized activities are much more than fun ways to spend you non-class time.

The activities provide opportunities to enhance your leadership, communication and interpersonal skills, develop your organizational ability and help to develop your time management, decision making and problem solving abilities. Prospective employers expect a University graduate to possess these competencies.

You can contact the Office of Director of Student Services at 977-3880 for information on how to become a member of the clubs and societies. Involvement in Campus activities is your opportunity to build friendships and to make your 'mark' and contribute to your personal growth and development and to the development of this honourable institution. Your involvement will be recorded in the history of Mona through our Annual Student Awards Ceremony, where student are recognized for their involvement and through the Co-curricular attachment that will form a vital part of your transcript. Click on a hyperlink to view information about clubs/associations.