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The University of the West Indies

at Mona, Jamaica

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Campus Contacts

The University of the West Indies
Mona Campus
Jamaica W.I.

Phone: (876) 927-1660-9
Fax: (876) 927-2765


If you would like information about courses and to request a prospectus, send an email to the relevant address below



For information concerning transcripts and any issues related to examinations, please use the following email contact:

Online Systems

If you need assistance with any of our online systems (SAS,Campus Pipeline, etc.) you may contact our Help Desk at:

Student Services

  • Dr. Carlton Lowrie
    Student Services
    ext. 2541/2546
    tel: 977-3880
  • Mr. Dalton Myers
    Student Services Manager
    Sports Office
    ext. 2229
    tel: 702-4476
  • Dr. Angela Gordon-Stair
    Senior Counsellor
    ext. 2270/2370
    tel: 970-0017
  • Mrs. Grace Small
    Mrs. Juliet Duncan
    Mrs. Keisha Allen-Dougan
    Mrs. Tracia- Gay Kennedy-Dixon

    ext. 2270/2370
    tel: 970-0017
  • Dr. Karen Foster-Williams
    Medical Officer
    ext. 2270/2370
    tel: 970-0017

Student Affairs

  • Mrs. Marsha Morgan-Allen
    Senior Assistant Registrar
    Admissions Section (Registry)
    ext. 2651
    tel: 927-2779


  • Ms. Georgia Anderson
    Assistant Registrar
    ext. 2272

Hall of Residence Contacts

  • Mr. Lindy Jones
    A. Z. Preston Hall
    ext. 2691
    tel. 977-6721-3
  • Mr. Michael Clarke
    Chancellor Hall
    ext. 2387/2183
    tel. 927-2780
  • Mr. Jason McKenzie
    Irvine Hall
    ext. 2443/2344
    tel. 927-2794
  • Miss Nadeen Spence
    Mary Seacole Hall
    ext. 2483
  • Miss Donna Jackson
    Rex Nettleford Hall
    ext. 2130-2
    tel. 977-6083
  • Mr. Athol Hamilton
    Taylor Hall
    ext. 2376/2386
    tel. 927-2533


  • Security Post
    ext. 2748-9
  • Assistant Commissioner of Police (ACP) Keith Gardner
    Director of Security
    ext. 2748-9

Campus Bursary

  • Student Administrative Services
    ext. 3733-5/3739/3740/3745
  • Billings & Collections
    tel. 977-4352 ext. 2674
  • Office of the Campus Bursar
    ext. 2480/2330/2346

Deans' Offices

  • Faculty of Humanities and Education
    tel. 927-0221 ext. 2627/2628
  • Faculty of Law
    tel. 927-1855 ext. 2405
  • Faculty of Medical Sciences
    tel. 927-1297
    ext. 7-2478-9
  • Faculty of Science and Technology
    tel. 977-1785 ext. 2401/2961/2962
  • Faculty of Social Sciences
    tel. 977-3536 ext.2220-2